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Wind and Impact-Resistance

Tests have proven, especially the test of a hurricane, that you can protect your home from high winds, rain, and the destructive force of wind-borne debris by installing impact-resistant windows. Impact-resistant windows consist of impact-resistant glass surrounded by a hardwearing frame which is firmly fastened to the interior window header and frame. Their construction and anchoring keep high winds and debris created from hurricanes from breaking through to your home’s outer cover.

The idea for shatter-resistant glass windows for homes came from the car industry. Wind shields are made of laminated glass and have been used to protect passengers for years. The same design ideas are used for wind and impact-resistant windows for homes.

There are two familiar types of impact-resistant glazing for your windows. The first is laminated glass consisting of two sheets of glass with an inner shatter-proof membrane between them. Upon impact, the glass may shatter but the inner membrane holds the pieces firmly in its frame so that the barrier is not broken. This prevents glass from dangerously flying out into the open.

These windows are designed and built to handle wind-borne debris blown in at extremely high wind speeds. They can also defend against repeated impact from intruders. Either way, these windows will guard you against penetration from physical force, wind or water.

The second type of impact-resistant windows is not as strong as the first type. This option uses window film and applies it to the surface of the glazing. The shatter-resistant film is placed over the glass to keep the window shards intact if broken. Unfortunately, due to the fact that these films are added to the glazing last, they may not function as a complete system. Their permanence really depends on how well the glass and protective laminate stay in the frame and window assembly.

Interested in More Information About Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows can save you a ton of money which is why they are a great investment. However, you will want to make sure you are choosing the right replacement windows for your home and your budget. Our services can help you! We offer Free Replacement Window Quotes from local, reliable contractors.

Upgrading or Replacing Windows

As a homeowner, at some time or another it is very likely that you will be interested in replacement windows for your home. Upgrading or replacing your windows is a very popular renovation project. Windows, like most things in life, deteriorate as they age. Over the years you will start to notice the appearance and function of your windows beginning to weaken.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows bring more to the table than your average window. This is mainly because bay and bow windows are combinations of windows that extend out from your house and capture a wide outside view. Regardless of whether you have limited wall space, these windows allow you to utilize more windows thus creating more of a view while taking up a limited amount of space.

Lower Heating & Cooling Bills

The cost of energy is on an uphill slope and will most likely continue to rise for sometime now. For this reason, homeowners are incessantly looking for ways to optimize the energy efficiency of their homes. There are several ways to accomplish this, but one of the most common ways includes installing replacement windows. New replacement windows, such as vinyl replacement windows, can help to increase the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system.

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